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General Contracting & Renovations

There are three things we strive to provide for our clients: sincere customer service, professional operations, and superior results. As a local business located in the GTA and surrounding area, we have one distinct advantage over our competitors: client relationships. We keep communication open throughout the project phases, ensuring our clients are updated and informed while we transform their spaces.

We’re All About Our Clients

We value working with our clients as partners. Listening to your needs and keeping communication open allows us to bring your vision to reality. Whether it’s a backyard deck, custom bathroom, or a whole house renovation, our experience has helped us develop the ideas and techniques to execute projects of all sizes.

We work with you

Xebal Construction team works diligently to understand your home renovation project to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. Don’t worry, they don’t charge for elbow grease! They would rather a job come in on budget than give you the news that it’s going over. We want to be your go-to contractor for every home renovation project, so they have partnered only with suppliers and manufacturers that meet their standards. You get quality products, they get your trust. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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We promise to be respectful of your living space. Our workplace is your home and we make every effort to keep it feeling that way, inside and out.

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We promise to keep you informed from the first site visit to the final invoice. Clear and concise communication is the key to maintaining any healthy relationship and eliminates surprises.

Striving For Consistency

Consistency in craftsmanship, quality, and exceptional experiences only happens when everyone on the team shares the same values and principals. Client satisfaction is paramount for us, and we want to ensure that every client receives the same level of service.

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Initial conception and design, Site review and management, Budgeting and scheduling, Approvals, Subtrade bidding and analysis, Financial management and reporting, Project documentation










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